A New Video From Etang Du Furet

We have just uploaded Mike and Matt Linstead’s video from their trip to Etang du Furet this May. They fished swims 4 and 5, landing numerous carp including two at a massive 50lb+. 

VIDEO: 53lb Lake Record Common at Lillypool

2017 is off to an excellent start with a new lake record at Lillypool of 53lb 2oz, and a new common personal best for bailiff Richard too. This common was caught on a February session on the lake. Watch the video below to see the new record and a very happy angler!

Capturing Another Villefond 50lb Carp

  Fishery manager Mark Lambert fills us in on the latest news from big carp water Villefond… 2016 has been a great year for Lac du Villefond, producing lots of big fish and increasing our lake record to 65lb+. Lots of new carp breaking the 50lb+ barrier for the first time, one of which is […]

Two Superb 50lb+ Captures at Laroussi

Craig Lancashire’s group have again produced the goods at Laroussi, despite some difficult weather conditions. Here is there catch report from the week… Holiday date: Sat 8th Oct to Sat 15th Oct 2016 Name of customer: Craig Lancashire Number of anglers: 3 Details of your catches: Dave had 6 fish 2x 50s 1×40 2x30s and one double. I had 6 […]

Huge 62lb Common Carp at Jonchery Lake

Mitchell Keet landed a whopping 62lb common out of Jonchery last week, a new personal best. Here’s his catch report and feedback from the week…   Holiday date:  Sat 1st Oct to Sat 8th Oct 2016 Name of customer:  Mitchell Keet Details of your catches:  29.6 common,  34lb mirror,  37lb mirror,  42lb common,  62lb common my pb […]

Bumper Week at Old Oaks Carp Lake

A trip to Old Oaks results in 28 carp for three anglers, topped off by the ‘Long Common’. Here’s Darren Garrett’s review of his third visit to this incredible carp lake… Holiday date: Sat 17th Sep to Sat 24th Sep 2016 Name of customer: Darren Garrett Number of anglers: 3 Details of your catches: Peg 4 – Glen Mirror Carp […]

Lake Record Mirror Carp at Old Oaks

Here’s Mark with a new lake record mirror out of Old Oaks – 58lb 14oz! Congratulations. You can read the group’s feedback below… Holiday date: Sat 25th Jun to Sat 2nd Jul 2016 Name of customer: Karen Royston Number of anglers: 4 Details of your catches: Mark -20lb Grass carp,1 twenty,2 thirties.5 forties and 58lb 14oz Mirror Kristina- […]

Catching a Villefond 60lb+ Carp

Here’s the account of a very special 60lb capture for Villefond Fisheries manager Mark Lambert… 3:09am, Friday the 27th of May 2016, two beeps woke my sleep …… I rose from my tent and and looked at the lit up bite alarm indicating something had happened to move the line on the right had of my […]

Introducing… Etang du Furet

Introducing our newest venue Etang du Furet, this little gem is owned by Guillaume Rousselet, a well-known big fish angler with an impressive capture record.  Etang du Furet provides quality French Carp Fishing in central France, a 4hr 20 drive from the nearest port of Caen. The lake has been around since the 15th century and has […]

Want a 50lb+ Common? Here’s Where To Find Them

Big common carp are fewer and further between in comparison to their mirror counterparts. They’re also most anglers prized captures as the sheer length of a common carp in excess of 50lb is something quite special. We’ve rounded up some of our favourites from Angling Lines venues…   1. Caught at Villefond, May ’16 Villefond […]

A New Lake Record For Boux

Congratulations to Stephen Marks, who now holds the lake record at Boux with this 62lb mirror. ‘I have just finished my week at boux which was last week and wanted to contact you guys with some great news. Although the first 3 days we had had nothing but spawning and a very quiet lake. Come […]

VIDEO – Ben Austin Lands 52lb Mirror at Beaurepaire

Ben Austin had a great week at Beaurepaire this Spring, topped by a pristine 52lb mirror. Here is a short video of his week & of course that stunning capture… ‘If carlsberg made carp I think it would look somethink like this!! This must have been the hardest fighting fish in my life 30 mins I […]

2 x 70lb’ers and a new 68lb PB at Laroussi

We’ve seen some incredible fish out at Laroussi recently, here is owner Mehdi with an update… Weather has been up and down from early April to late May, we all know fishing results depend directly on weather conditions. In the last 2 months at Laroussi, about 250 fish were caught – some weeks at 20ish fish […]

A Record Catch Report at Villefond

Some great news just in from Villefond – an unforgettable catch report. Here’s owner Mark with the latest… We had four guys fishing our lake who have been before and knew our lake well. One angler told me ever year he comes it has been better than the year before so they had high hopes. His […]

Record Breaking Start To The Season

We welcomed the Miller brothers Jamie and Grieg for our season opener at Lillypool, both of the boys on their first trip to France. It hasn’t been ideal weather for the first few weeks of the season but after a walk of the lake we all felt confident of a few fish. The guys both […]

Winter Carp Fishing Video at Old Oaks

Tom Robson and Rowan Charnick had a very successful winter carp fishing session at Old Oaks this February. They had carp on the bank to 55b including 2 x 50s, 10 x 40s, 6 x 30s, 2 x 20s and 1 x 10. An impressive average weight of 39.8lb. For more information on Old Oaks follow […]