Merry Christmas from Laroussi

It was too cold to fish for carp at Laroussi, so Mehdi went for the perch instead… & here’s the two he caught.  Both around 17 inches long, he calls them “The Twins”. Merry Christmas!

More Record Pumpkins

558.5kg As regular readers will know, the owner of Old Oaks & Laroussi, Mehdi Daho, is a record vegetable grower.  Here’s photos of his last 2 pumpkins; The white one is 509kg and the other one is 558.5kg. It was the first time ever in France that a grower produced 3 pumpkins over 500kg. Happy […]

Mehdi’s New Record Vegetables!

566.5kg! Laroussi & Old Oaks owner, Mehdi Daho has been at it again! Here’s his latest record beating vegetables… *  Pumpkin of 566.5kg *  Super squash of 425.5kg (the new French record) Well done Mehdi! Carp France at Old Oaks

How The 70lb’er Was Caught At Laroussi

70.06 Now, we can’t really tell you how to fish Laroussi per say, but I can tell you what Andrew Redfearn and myself did when we fished there the last week in March 2012, when our results certainly surpassed our expectations! Which swim? We were lucky enough to be 2 of 4 anglers on the lake […]

No April Fool – It’s The Record Catfish!

Around 160lb The Laroussi lake record catfish came out yesterday, April 1st.  Of course we couldn’t have let you know yesterday or you would have thought we were just fooling around! Matthew Parker has landed the Laroussi Monster which has remained uncaught (or should we say unlanded since its been hooked & lost several times […]

72lb Mirror Carp from Laroussi

72lb Chris Griffiths had a fantastic opening week at Laroussi banking a stunning 72lb mirror plus back-up fish of 47, 38, 48, 45, 40, 25 plus a common of 25lb. More details here. Carp Fishing in France at Laroussi

What bait shall I use for the Laroussi carp?

Trevor Reece asks: Which bait and size do you think I need for my Laroussi trip in April? Shaun Harrison answers: Definitely take some Rahja Spice with you. It has been a firm favourite at Laroussi for many years, particularly in the smaller sizes too. The Laroussi fish like 10mm’s but it is worth mixing the […]

Laroussi tench is confirmed as new world record

15.03 Tench It’s now official that the 15.03 Tench caught at Laroussi by Janet Johnson in July is the new French record. If you can read French here’s an article on it;  

61lb mirror is the reward for a hard week at Laroussi

Roy Van Goor landed this magnificent 61lb mirror at Laroussi on 23rd September 2011. Here’s his comments; “It was another hard week with just several sturgeon, grasscarp & 1 small common untill Friday morning.  Then my luck changed and carp of 22, 39 and 61 lb were banked in a few hours.  A new pb […]

Is this the biggest catch of carp ever on Laroussi?

Dan Burke & his mates booked Laroussi exclusive w/c 3rd Sept & had a fantastic catch.  Over to Dan; ” We had 99 fish in total!!! 40 carp up to 63.08 which was a new personal best for the angler…. 5 x 50’s, biggest 58.8 which I caught. My dad had a 50.2 which was is […]

Laroussi gives the Johnson family a fantastic week’s carp fishing!

73.07 Dave, Janet and Dan Johnson have just enjoyed a truly fantastic week’s fishing at Laroussi taking mirrors of 73lb 7oz, 51lb 7oz, 45lb 4oz ( fully scaled), 44lb 5oz, 43lb 8oz, 39lb, 37lb… commons of 26lb3oz, 18lb, 17lb 4oz, 14lb… catfish of 64lb… crucian carp of 5lb and a fantastic new French and lake […]

Father & son enjoy great Laroussi carp session

54lb & 32lb for father & son, Paul & Peter Mersh Paul & Peter Mersh enjoyed a fabulous Laroussi session (w/c 14th May) taking; Paul : 60lb 2oz carp ,22lb carp, 30lb carp, 16lb carp, 33lb carp, 43lb carp, 54lb carp , 36lb mirror, 40lb 3oz carp. Two sturgeon 57lb, 56lb 26lb grass – PLUS […]