51lb carp stocked at Lillypool

We’ve been after a fish of above 50lb for Lillypool a while now, but they are as rare as hens teeth. Finally I got the phone call on Tuesday night to say she was on her way. It was a cold wet night, but at 8.30pm I had the pleasure of seeing her in the […]

A progress report from Jason, the bailiff at Lillypool

Mark Sidery’s new Lillypool record – 42lb (May 2010) Following the stocking’s at Lillypool I was personally unsure as to what to expect from the lake and its visitors. We have all been very pleased with the results so far, with all fish putting on weight, some more than a few pounds. Fishing slowed a […]

Common carp record smashed at Lillypool!

A new lake record common as been caught at Lillypool! The impressive fish was caught by Mark Sidery at 42lbs. It’s also a new personal best common for Mark & was taken on a scopex/squid boilie fished over half a gallon of maggots, under some overhanging trees on the no fishing bank. Special congratulations to […]

Lillypool gets additional carp

Here’s the short video clip of the recent additional stocking at Lillypool. To recap; on 18th December 2009 a further 55 carp were stocked.  Six of the fish were just under 20lbs with the rest ranging from 20 to 30lb, the average weight being 24lb 10oz, and the biggest being 29lb 5oz with two lovely commons […]

Another 55 carp stocked at Lillypool

Following on from the 33 grass carp stocked in September 2009, Santa came and emptied his sack early at Lillypool in the form of Michel and Laurent Bigot and their fish farming team. On 18th December 2009 a further 55 carp were stocked, slightly more than was promised but we just couldn’t resist as they […]