The Old Oaks record tumbles – a magnificent 52lb common carp

Congratulations to Luke Czerpak who has just caught the new lake record for Old Oaks – a magnificent common of 52lb! It was an awesome fish, as you can see above… 1m long with a huge tail, nice dark color and torpedo shape – perfect! That’s the very first 50lb’er off Old Oaks. We knew the […]

New lake record for Old Oaks – 49.01 mirror carp

The new Old Oaks record – 49.01 Attached are the photos of the new lake record from Old Oaks that I had on Thursday night.  Here’s a few details; 49lb 1oz mirror Fish caught at 2.25am Peg 3 8 inch combi rig, size 6 Kaptor Kurv hook, blowback style Quest Fruity Trifle 15mm hook bait […]

French carp venue owner is champ vegetable grower too!

He’s at it again! Mehdi with his record watermelon! Mehdi Daho, the owner of Laroussi & Old Oaks, tells us he claimed another vegetable prize in the summer.  This was for a watermelon, which was a French record, EGVGA record and the best in Europe in 2010.  It weighed a massive 107lb!

41 carp – a fantastic opening week on Old Oaks

What a fish! 45lb of real beauty!     Mr Neales & Markham were the first anglers to fish Old Oaks this year (w/c 12th March) & they had a real Red Letter session; “We were the first group of the year and had a great haul of 41 carp !!! 3 x 40’s, 23 […]

Swim works at Old Oaks carp lake

Between winter and summer the water level at Old Oaks goes up and down. This natural phenomenon has eroded a couple of the pegs, as mentionned by some anglers in their feedback.   We have just finished the work to repair them all. We first added first plenty of big stones to stabilize the bottom […]

Carp lake owner grows record radish!

As reported on this Blog several times over the last few years, Mehdi Daho, the owner of Laroussi & Old Oaks, is a champion vegetable grower.  He’s normally known for his record pumpkins but this time he’s grown a record radish.  Weighing in at 12lb it recently took the European record for a radish. Well […]

Carp lake owner wins French monster pumpkin prize!

Anyone who has visited either Laroussi or Old Oaks will know that the owner Mehdi Daho is not just famous for his monster carp.. but also his pumpkins!  To prove the point he’s just won the French pumpkin weigh off with this 1,130lb monster! This is the second year on the trot he’s won the […]

A fabulous year at Old Oaks carp lake

 One of Steve Eamonson’s 40’s from his September Old Oaks session As the 2010 season comes to a close it’s easier to look back & spot the lakes that have fished exceptionally well and moved up a class, so to speak.  One such lake is Old Oaks.  The catches here have been exceptional this year.  […]

Carp fishing & pumpkins!

Taken from Carp-Talk Xtra So why on earth do we have a picture of the new (1,457lb) World Record pumpkin in this week’s Carp-Talk Xtra? Well firstly it was grown by Mehdi Daho who is the owner of the popular Angling Lines venues Old Oaks & Laroussi and secondly he decided to put the outer […]

Big carp and runs?

Stewart asks;  Looking for a runs water with big carp for 6 anglers.  Looking to book for next year. It really depends on what you class as big carp? Runs waters tend not to have a concentration of 40’s and 50’s. We have around 35 venues but I’d still genuinely only class around 4 of them […]

Combating Poisson Chat

Simon Boi wrote: I’m visiting Old Oaks lake in June this year and was reading about the poisson chat and how to counteract them.  There are some good videos about netting boilies or using a plastic wrap to stop the being slowly eaten away. I was wondering if the current wave of plastic baits might […]