Beaurepaire Produces 67lb Catfish

Gary Rivett fished Beaurepaire last week with his mate Steve  & had 35 carp, including a PB mirror for Steve at 31-10,  a PB grassy for Gary at 34-04 & other mirrors to 40-09… Gary also landed this lake record cat with the Reuben Heatons thumping down to the stop at 67-12; among other cats to 48-10. […]

The Catfish of Vaumigny

Frank, the lake’s bailiff, estimates that there are at least 20 fair size cats in Vaumigny. One of the larger specimens came out on the 8th of this month and you can see the impressive photo below! The beast is 2.1m (nearly 7 foot) long and weighs over 140lbs! It was taken from Swim 1 on a fish-based boilie. […]

Catfish at Glehias – Questions and Answers

Lee Johnston, our Lake Owner at Glehias, recently answered a query about the Catfish in the lake, a good read if you’re going out to the venue this year! Hi, beginning to plan for our visit at the beginning of July, hoping to have a go at the catfish as well as the carp, any advice or […]

Talk about Short Sessions!

So, after 5 months of working around the Carp and Cats lake at Holly Pools – it’s done for this year. New swims complete, path gravelled, plants starting to grow, leaves appearing on the trees. Bearing in mind I really have done little else but work on the fishery for the last 5 months, I […]

Biggest Catfish to date comes out of Molyneux

The anglers due this week at Molyneux were old friends from last year, which is always so nice, as it is truly a pleasure welcoming back familiar faces to the lake. Having been before they had predetermined what swims they were going to fish, mostly the same as last year. Keith opting for Social 1, […]

27lb Catfish for Will

  Will Winkles Out a Whopper!!! 16 year old Will Waterton of QES, here at Glehias for the week with his family – dad Mark, mum Claire and sister Nina from Lancaster – managed to bag himself a rather large Catfish this morning. Large enough to break the current ‘Juniors Lake Record Catfish’ at least!! […]

Catfish Lake Record Smashed Last Night at Molyneux

When Helen and I arrived at Molyneux the start of last year the Catfish record stood at 45lb. All through last year we had a number of 40lb plus captures but again the largest for the season weighed in at 45lb. This puzzled me slightly as surely there must be larger in the lake? This […]

New Catfish Record Set at Old Oaks

70lb Congratulations to Rick for setting the new Old Oaks catfish record with a 70lb moggy!  Last time out this cat was 60lb. Carp in the 50’s and 40’s are still coming out week after week.  This really is a fantastic year for Old Oaks. Carp France  

No April Fool – It’s The Record Catfish!

Around 160lb The Laroussi lake record catfish came out yesterday, April 1st.  Of course we couldn’t have let you know yesterday or you would have thought we were just fooling around! Matthew Parker has landed the Laroussi Monster which has remained uncaught (or should we say unlanded since its been hooked & lost several times […]

Molyneux record catfish

Dave and the Molyneux lake record catfish of 45lb There has been two lake record catfish caught at Molyneux this August. The first was a 41lb cat caught from swim 5 and whilst waiting for the photos a 45lb cat fish was caught from the cabin swim by Dave on a Baitcraft T1.

First ever catfish for Terry from La Glehias

Terry Banyard of the Mackinlay Party landed a 52lb catfish at 4pm on Sunday the 22nd of August at Glehias and has earned himself the “OAP’s Lake Record Catfish” award. The Maniac Moggie came from under the big overhanging Willow on the Gorse bank and was taken on a half Chilli Chocolate boilie combined with […]