Two Fifties Stocked at Jonchery Carp Lake

Jonchery carp lake gets an additional stocking of 2 x 50lb+, 15 x 30lb+ and 50 x 20lb+ carp this January. We think the common at 00:34 seconds in is an absolute corker! For more information on Jonchery follow the link – Fishing Holidays

Brocard Small Receives Additional Stocking

Paul Bachelier updates us on the additional stocking at Brocard Small this January. This includes a handful of forties and fifties and a further 30 carp between 20-30lb. For more information on Brocard Small follow the link – Carp Fishing France

Forties and a Fifty Stocked at Brie

The Bacheliers have been busy draining stock lakes all winter for a range of specimen. In the process they have held a number of carp from 30-60lbs in a stock lake to be re-homed within their carp fishing lakes this January. It’s Brie‘s turn today to receive some stunning target fish including 3 x forties, 1 […]

Black Country Carpers visit Laroussi

Back in August, Carl Sharp spent a week at Laroussi, the highlight being his capture of ‘The Creature’ at 57lbs. You can watch the week unfold below… For more information, videos and catch reports from Laroussi follow the link – Carp Fishing in France 

Fishing Villefond

A couple of days fishing at Villefond for fisheries manager Mark Lambert saw a few nice carp on the Bank, all falling to the house bait… To view more videos from Villefond follow the link – Carp Fishing in France

A Weeks Carp Fishing at Villefond (July ’12)

Mark Lambert recently spent a week fishing his own venue, Villefond, and recorded it in this short video clip.  We see carp to 40lb+ and Dan the catfish makes an appearance at 75lb.   Superb fishing! Carp fishing in France at Villefond

Taking Advantage of the Big Freeze at Notaires Carp Lake

They say it’s an ill wind that blows no good and the north wind certainly blew in with ill intent here at Notaires recently, freezing the upstairs pipes and causing havoc with the heating.  Even the drain pipes froze up overnight as the temperatures dropped below -10 each night for two weeks, even reaching as […]