11 things a carper should not go to France without

1.  A mapSat Navs like Tom Tom are great but they are not infallible. Sometimes you need to check they are going to the right place!

2.  Passport – obvious really!  But remember to check in good time if it’s still going to be current when you go.  New anti-terrorist rules make the application process much more lengthy now.

3.  In your vehicle – warning triangle and luminous jackets. These are mandatory, use them for all break downs. One luminous jacket for each passenger must be in the car.

4.  Vehicle Documentsinsurance, driving license and log book. If you are stopped the gendarmes will want to see these and there is a potential fine if you can’t produce them.

5.  Cash or credit card for the motorway tolls – embarrassing if you haven’t got them.

6.  Bottle opener – again obvious really, you really do need to try the local wine.

7.  Freezer blocks & cooler box – you’ll need this to keep the beer cold!

8.  Electrical adapters

9.  Suntan lotion and after sun – catching those carp will leave you exposed, no need to become a lobster!

10.  HIC card for health insurancesaves paying upfront for emergency healthcare.

11.  Antiseptic wash/first aid box.


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