Jim Kelly

Angling experience;

Started carp fishing in 1982, before that did a bit of general course fishing including match fishing on rivers such as the Severn and Warwickshire Avon. Had a few years in the nineties concentrating on barbel, but during the last 15 years I have nearly exclusively fished for carp. I have fished a variety of waters in both England and France from small secluded waters to 200 acre gravel pits, catching from all the waters I have targeted.

An english 30lb mirror carp

An english 39.14 mirror

Favourite UK water;

The one I currently fish is always my favourite or I would be fishing somewhere else!. Currently I am concentrating on Grenville hence this is my current favourite.

Most memorable capture;

Four fish in a weekend from a large water that  contain less than twenty decent fish.

Favourite tactics/methods;

I don’t have a favourite tactic, I use which ever tactic I think will catch on the day.

An english 30lb mirror carp


Best Tips;

Don’t put any bait in until you are sure you are in the correct area and then only put bait in if you can get it in without spooking the fish. If in doubt fish singles. I have watched hundreds of anglers set up on fish and spod the water to death, all the fish vacating the area pronto.

If there was one piece of advice you could offer to a first time French carp angler what would it be?

Carp are carp and just because they are in France it doesn’t change their behaviour. Treat French fishing just the same as English fishing and you will not go far wrong. For a first trip to France pick a water that will give plenty of action. Only go to France with people you get on with REALLY well as you will be fishing with them for a week and friendships can get strained.

An english 40lb mirror carp

Another english carp weighing in at 43lb


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