An Insight Into Castle Lake

I visited Castle Lake for the first time and was quite surprised at how it reminds me of La Horre.  This impressive 42 acre water lake nestles in the valley, just behind a picturesque small village and has no noise pollution other than the occasional bellowing of the cream Charolais cattle in the valley.

Fishing France at Castle Lake

Lake Map

The lake looks more or less rectangular in shape as the reed line hides one small bay from sight. It has a slight bend in it and the narrower end opposite the damn wall gradually shallows out. The first bank you come to is the wide damn wall. From here you can look down the length of the lake and see the swims on either side.  The right hand side is reed lined and the swims sit back and you have wooden pontoons built out to the front of the reeds. For these swims you really need to boat your gear over, but that’s not a problem as large boats are available on site with small outboards so you don’t even have to row!

Swims are mainly spacious and well thought out. Several swims have recently been made inactive so there are 15 swims now for a max of 10 anglers. With over 4 acres of water per angler you will never feel hemmed into a peg without options. Most swims have trees in or behind offering much needed shade in the summer months. My visit took place after record rainfall but the track around the lake on the damn wall and Left hand bank was still fine for walking.

Already a great 40’s water and with a high average weight for the carp of over 30lbs, this lake can prove itself to be outstanding. Poisson chat were allegedly in the lake a few years back, but we asked the owners who said there were none now and this autumn’s netting backs that up entirely.

The track led us back to the facilities, where all the important necessities have been taken care of. A battery charging station and bait freezers and some of the best toilets and showers I have seen on any lake. And if you were wondering where the name Castle Lake derived from, that would be down to the ruins nestled around the lake entrance.

So… great setting, brilliant facilities and some magical carp to try for.


Castle Lake Fishing France

The ruins behind the name

Castle Lake Carp Fishing in France

One of the pontoon swims


Fishing France at Castle Lake


castle lake carp fishing


Carp at Castle Lake Carp Lake

Castle Lake residents at the November netting



2 thoughts on “An Insight Into Castle Lake

  1. Paul Cooper says:

    Thank you for that information Bridget, on what looks like a spectacular lake.
    Jim Kelly and myself will be taking a look at the lake at the end of March this year, so hopefully we will be in a position to give you a full report on a successful week. Our only concerns are on how the weather will behave this early in the season, but as you know, French weather can be unpredictable.
    I have been to France in March before and experienced, as with last year, snow and freezing conditions, and on other visits have had temperatures of 24C and glorious Spring sunshine. I am praying for the latter so that we can hopefully get the best out of the lake.
    It was interesting to read that they caught no Poison Chat in the netting. I shall still be prepared for them, just in case, but it is good news that they have disappeared. They should be dormant or less active March/April anyway.

  2. Ron Key says:

    Shaun and I are due there at the end of April so I’m hoping for some of the 24C

    Cheers Ron

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