2 x 50lb+ mirror carp from Boux


Here’s Paul Cooper’s results from his Boux session w/c 22nd Oct 2011;

27 carp which incuded mirrors of 51lb 11oz, 50lb 4oz, 49lb 14oz, 49lb 3oz, 31lb 12oz, 34lb 8oz, 35lb 15oz, 31lb 10oz, 36lb 10oz, 31lb 3oz, 31lb 1oz, 33lb 1oz and 30lb 1oz, one 30lb common with the rest being mostly upper twenties.


Here’s his comments;


“I varied my tactics throughout the week. I started off on a single quality baits 18mil hg42 cast onto a bed of bait around 100 yards in open water. The carp became wise to this so i spread a bed of quality baits hg42 18mil boilies with a throwing stick over quite a large area and pva bagged 6 crumbed boilies with a bottom baits in the middle of the area. This method produced most fish. I used around 18 kilo of boilies to keep the fish interested.








At the beginning of the week the crayfish were very active and it was a case of fishing the deeper waters in the middle of the lake to avoid them. As the week went on they seemed to become less active and i was able to explore some of the margins and pick up the extra fish.

Boux will become one of angling lines premier waters and i am sure it will be fully booked in the near future. If you are planning on fishing boux i would book early as there will be a lot of disappointed anglers that miss the opportunity to get onto this magnificent big fish water.”

Catch photos here


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