2011 Catch Analysis for Notaire’s Carp Lake in France

It can be difficult to deduce the trends from the catch reports at a family venue like Notaire’s since the angler usually isn’t fishing as flat out when compared to a Drive and Survive venue. Whilst there were a couple of difficult weeks, both of which occurred after massive temperature swings (seeing as much as 10 degrees increase per day),we are very pleased to report that yet again no one blanked at Notaire’s.  (Chris reaches down to tap the wooden table!)

The chart of the best fish reported shows that, apart from a couple of outliers from the very hot days, most anglers landed a best fish between 35 and 40lb.

Equally this wasn’t at the expense of the total catch (remember, very few family anglers can fish 24/7.) Dave Mutton landed the best result with a catch of 33 carp, closely followed by the Hayden party with 85 carp between 3 anglers.

It’s not so easy to chart the distribution of the fish as the catch returns sometimes came as numbers of fish and sometimes as total weights of fish caught. However, the table above shows that the major cohort lies in the 20-30lb range and that there is a significant number of fish in the 30-40lb range. Our winter feeding programme should see plenty more of this latter group of fish moving into the 40lb+ bracket.

In conclusion, we hope to see you at Notaire’s where you can enjoy arm-aching fights with the younger fish, have the chance to better your PB with carp in the 40lb range, and spend quality time with your family.

At Notaire’s you can have your cake and eat it!

Fishing Holidays in France at Notaires.


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