3 x 50’s in one week from Beaurepaire

Phil Belton with the 53lb Beaurepaire lake record

52lb Mirror Carp

Ben Hodgson – 52lb 3oz

Colin Ventons group had a great session at Beaurepaire 21st to 28th April 2012.

Battling gale force winds and torrential rain, the guys caught 3 different 50’s including a new lake record of 53lb. Sadly, for some of the guys, an unexpected illness sent 4 of them home early midweek, otherwise catches would have been higher.

The catch also included 7 x 40’s and around 15 thirties.  This is not an surprising result from this lake which has excellent growth rates and proves so popular with repeat bookings.

Well done Colin and we hope the angler who took a turn for the worse makes a  full recovery & is feeling better soon.




50lb Mirror Carp from Beaurepaire French Lake

Phil Belton – 50lb 1oz

Angling Holidays at Beaurepaire


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