6 Big Carp Fishing Lakes For Large Groups


Are you struggling to find a French carp lake that can accommodate a large group of anglers? Here’s our pick of the best big French carp fishing lakes that cater for 10-16 anglers, making it ideal for that annual¬†social…

1. Blue Lake (up to 10 anglers)


blue lake carp fishing in franceYou can expect lots of action from hard fighting carp to over 54lb here. This is also an incredibly beautiful lake, a gravel-pit that varies from 3ft at its shallowest running to over 15ft at its South West end.  The water is crystal clear most of the year and it’s a fascinating mixture of bars and areas of sand, rocks, gravel, clay and silt. A maximum of 10 anglers have the choice of 11 swims; 10 of these being big doubles and all with easy access via car.

’35 fish between 3 anglers. Topped off by 70lb sturgeon, 46lb and 54lb carp. Great week, some very large hard fighting fish.’

Example price; £333 per angler in Apr 2018 includes 10 Anglers, exclusive use of the lake and 4 vans on Dover/Calais crossings.

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2. Malvoisine (up to 10 anglers)


malvoisine french carp lakeThe ultimate social venue, Malvoisine’s unusual layout means¬†a maximum of 10 anglers can all fish from a two acre ‘island’. Bivvied up together you can enjoy a relaxing barbecue and a cool glass of the local cider but still experience the best fishing the lake can offer.¬†There‚Äôs a very good head of hard fighting carp present from doubles to forties.

‘A great social venue with the opportunity to spend time with other anglers.¬†80 fish between 8 anglers.¬†Carp to 36lb, Cats to 36lb with most in the low 20’s.’¬†

Example price; £257 per angler in Apr 2018 includes 10 Anglers, exclusive use of the lake and 4 vans on Dover/Calais crossings.

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3. Etang du Furet (up to 10 anglers)


etang du furet carp fishing lake

Etang du Furet provides quality French Carp Fishing in central France. The lake has been around since the 15th century and has a very mature, authentic feel. At 19 acres it provides ample room for up to 10 anglers and holds a wide mixture of carp to over 66lb and definitely has the potential to send you home with aching arms and a very large smile on your face.

‘To have two 50’s in one week, along with a string of high 30’s and 20’s was a demonstration of a quite exceptional week’s angling by Matt. He really showed the potential of what Etang du Furet can hold if it is fished in the right way.’

Example price; ¬£297 per angler in April ’18 includes 10 anglers, exclusive use of the lake and 4 cars on Dover/Calais ferry crossings.

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4. Jonchery (up to 12 anglers)


jonchery carp france lakeJonchery is a stunning 30 acre lake set in the heart of the Champagne region. For a maximum of 12 anglers, the 6 large double swims span 30 acres. The facilities here are excellent with a large seating area and kitchen to use.  Action is usually prolific too thanks to its stock of around 350 big and healthy mirrors and commons, with an excellent head of 40lb+ carp right up to the 62lb common lake record.

‘A very good weeks fishing. 19 carp including 62.7lb common, 53lb common, 5 different 40lb+ carp and¬†7 different 30lb+ carp. Top class.’¬†

Example price; £250 per angler in May 2019 includes 12 Anglers, exclusive use of the lake and 4 vans on Dover/Calais crossings.

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5. Vaumigny (up to 16 anglers)


vaumigny big carp lake in franceThis 35 acre lake is ideal for up to 16 anglers¬†and¬†you’ll be tackling big carp, catfish and sturgeon. Anglers who favour wild and natural lakes will find themselves right at home. Andy Gilbert put it best in his trip report – ‘Vaumigny certainly has the wow factor on arrival, it‚Äôs an impressive body of water and tree-lined all round.¬†The place just looks like a proper carp fishery.’

‘What a fantastic week, I had 5 x 40s to 48.3 along with another 15 x 30s to 36.1. My son had a 45lb sturgeon along with 15 x 30s to 34lb, losing a massive fish at the net, easily a 50, what a great water.’

Example price; ¬£340¬†per angler in May ’18 includes 16 anglers, exclusive use of the lake and 6 cars on Dover/Calais ferry crossings.

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6. Brocard Large (up to 16 anglers)


Brocard Lakes carp fishing in franceThis lake definitely has the wow factor and if you’re looking for a large average size of carp in natural surroundings, then this could be the one for you. At 39 acres the lake will take up to 16 anglers over 8¬†double swims.¬†¬†The facilties here are clean and modern and the swims have¬†good vehicle access via a gravel path.

‘Beautiful Carp, hard fighting, stunning condition. 41 carp between 2 anglers to 38 ¬Ĺ lb.¬†Brocard Large is a stunningly beautiful lake set in the margins of a vast forest. We fished peg 11 at the far end of the lake commanding a small bay. The setting is tranquil¬† and the bailiffs Frank and Mark offered as much information as we could ask for.’

Example price;¬†¬£218¬†per angler in May¬†’18 includes 16 anglers, exclusive use of the lake and 6 cars on Dover/Calais ferry crossings.

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