7 Tips for Combating Crayfish in Carp Lakes

Crayfish occur naturally in most lakes & rivers in France.  The carp love to eat them & almost without exception where there’s large carp you’ll find crayfish too… they are an excellent source of protein which makes the carp grow very quickly.

Under normal circumstances they are not a problem to anglers but in the hot summer months when the water is warm even lakes without a crayfish problem can suddenly find they have some activity in the margins.  They will nibble away at your boilies and if the bait is soft enough they can completely remove them from the rig. They can also cause the rigs to tangle with their incessant pulling & tugging.

But don’t despair you can get around them.  Here are some tactics you can employ;

  • Use rock hard air dried boilies as hook baits.  At least 48 hours drying so that they are so hard that you need a drill to get the hair through.
  • Use plastic boilies as hookbaits.
  • Use hemp and/or particle mix as a background feed. Don’t just use boilies.
  • Use plastic sweetcorn as your hook bait. Fish 4 on a “stack” on your hair.
  • Feed on a little and often basis & re-cast every couple of hours.  This allows you to re-bait & check that your rigs are not tangled or have been dragged into silkweed.
  • Use protective mesh or shrink tube on hook baits.
  • Here’s a couple of videos covering this subject; 

For more tips and advice follow the link – Carp Fishing Videos


One thought on “7 Tips for Combating Crayfish in Carp Lakes

  1. Ron Key says:

    I’ve fished crayfish infested waters for many years and I think it wrong to always see them as a negative. Make sure your hookbait is protected or artificial and ensure you steer away from mono hooklinks that they can crimp in their powerful claws and you will be fishing effectively.

    I don’t hold back on baitng just because crayfish are around. Remember you are attracting fish not feeding them so does it matter if the crayfish get a few boilies? Their activity around your baits; scuttling around and chopping up baits will soon attract the carp into the area around your waiting hookbait then its game on!. Cheers Ron

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