76lb monster carp – lake record at Laroussi

76lb – the new lake record mirror at Laroussi

Richard Ward & his 6 mates fished Laroussi on w/c 13th November & what a winter session they had, topped by this magnificent 76lb lake record mirror for Richard.

In total the group caught 6 carp (15lb common,  18lb common,  22lb mirror (perfect linear),  33lb mirror,  42lb mirror, 76lb mirror) & 3 sturgeon from 49lb to 60lb.

Over to Richard;


” We all went armed with the ever faithful Quest Rahja Spice, but on the advice of Shaun Harrison I also went with 10mm’s & that’s what I caught the big girl on.  I’ve never really fished with 10mm’s before… but I will be from now on, so thank you Shaun!  All my carp came on 10mm’s fished at around 140 yards over a very small bed of Medhi’s famous parti-mix and a mixture of 10 to 20mm Rahja’s.  The weather was cold (down to minus 6 at night!) but the Rahja kept on producing.

Thank you to all at Angling Lines for having such a nice venue on your books and lastly thanks to the carp gods for allowing such a creature to grace my net”.


One thought on “76lb monster carp – lake record at Laroussi

  1. Alex says:

    Hi Richard,
    I had to leave a comment on this post What a beautiful monster Carp I just cant imagine catching a fish that size. I have caught a 9lb barbel before and that was a great fight but a 76lb carp wow! you guys are so dedicated I take my hat of to you well done keep it up mate.

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