9 French Carp Lakes With Discounts This Autumn


Take a look at the carp fishing lakes in France offering substantial discounts in the run up to the end of the year…


Beaurepaire has 50% off week commencing 4th November this year.

beaurepaire carp fishing in france


The lake sits an easy 2hrs 30 from Calais and holds a mature stock of carp well into the fifties. Last week alone saw 7 x 40lb+ and 1 x 50lb+ carp on the bank between four anglers.

For more information on French carp fishing at Beaurepaire follow the link – Carp Lakes Near Calais




Molyneux has 50% off between 4th November and 8th December this year (…and also between 3rd February and 23rd March next year).

french carp lake near calais


Another lake that is very easy to reach being a 2.45 hr drive from Calais and 1½ hrs from Le Harve. Bailiffs Wally and Helen have worked extremely hard to offer you the perfect fishing holiday in gorgeous surroundings, the fantastic feedback reports bear testament to this. There is an optional lakeside cabin and food packages available too.

For more information on Molyneux follow the link – Carp Fishing near Calais



Deux Iles has 40% off between 4th November 2017 and 23rd March next year.

French carp fishing Deux Iles

Deux Iles

The lake is 7 acres with two distinctly separate sections in the form of two islands, each well spaced from the other and with a modern wooden cabin. These cabins have lighting, a small fridge for the essentials, power points for charging, two single beds and a small breakfast bar at the main window overlooking the lake.

For more information on Deux Iles, follow the link –  French Carp Fishing Holidays



Laroussi has 50% off between 18th November 2017 and 2nd March next year.

big carp at laroussi


A lake that needs little introduction, the majority of the carp here are 30lb+, with more than 50 different forties, over 25 different fifties, 6 different sixties and 3 different seventies.

Find out more about Laroussi here – Carp Fishing in France





Villefond has 50% off between 21st October 2017 and 23rd February next year.

villefond carp lake france


This lake contains loads of 40’s and at least 8 known carp over the magic 50lb barrier with the biggest resident last caught at over 65lb. The lake is a mature 8 acres which has been a fishery since the 1930’s.  It has good access to all pegs, with 7 purpose built swims, including one double, for a maximum of 6 anglers.

Find out more about Villefond here – Carp Fishing in France at Villefond



Lake Exclusive Bookings Only


Lillybelle has 35% off between 28th October 2017 and 9th March next year. 

french carp lakes lillybelle


Sold on an exclusive basis only for up to 5 anglers and with a 2 bedroomed lodge sitting at the lakeside, it is ideal for a carp fishing trip in the cooler months.

For more information on Lillybelle follow the link – Carp Fishing Holidays




Lillypool has 35% off between the 28th October 2017 and 9th March next year.  

lillypool fishing in france


Sold on an exclusive basis only, the lake is suitable for small groups of up to 5 anglers. This four acre lake holds carp to mid fifties and comes complete with the lakeside lodge which houses a full kitchen, shower room and a bedroom.

Find out more about Lillypool here – French carp fishing





Barringtons have a discount on any lake exclusive booking from now until the end of March 2018.

barringtons carp fishing france


There is the optional lakeside accommodation with wood burning stove if you want a bit more comfort! This 8 acre lake is great for groups of up to 6 anglers and holds carp to mid forties.

25% off between 7th October 2017 and 3rd November 2017
50% off between 4th November 2017 and 23rd March 2018

Find out more about Barringtons here – Carp Fishing France



Old Oaks has 40% off between 4th November 2017 and 23rd February next year. Booked exclusively only for up to 5 anglers.

old oaks big carp fishing in france

Old Oaks

A gravel pit of around 5 acres, Old Oaks is well known for the huge number of 40, 50 and 60lb carp swimming in its waters. 

Want more info on Old Oaks? Carp Fishing France


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