92 For One, Not Out!

Neil Morgan landed 92 carp to 38lbs in the angling week at Alder commencing 1st June. He did pass the 100 mark and finished at 114 after his van was towed away for repairs, allowing him a couple of extra fishing days!

Neil started catching within 1 hour of setting up on the dam wall at Alder and continued throughout the week. The fish were biting 24 hours a day but the tended to feed more during the day.

Neil used plenty of high quality home rolled boilies over a bed of house maize/pellet and hemp. One of the key factors was to keep a steady trickle of bait going in. Boilies in flavours such as garlic and black pepper were notable for incorporating a colour twist similar to the Carp Balls specials seen in the venue video.

Alder Carp Fishing in France


Neil kept the rigs simple but made sure that his size 4 to 6 hooks were sharp, Neil said: “You will not find harder fighting carp anywhere. I’ve been to around 25 French lakes and this is the best.”

The weather for the week was very hot and the pressure was high but the two streams feeding the lake kept the fish active. Since we’ve set up an online weather station we were able to give Neil a graph of the atmospheric pressure for the week to correlate against the catches. There will be more about this in a follow up article soon…

Alder Carp Fishing in France

Air Pressure Chart

Congratulations to Neil for setting  a new individual catch record for Alder. Now, do you have the mettle to challenge it?

For more information on Alder follow the link – Carp Fishing in France


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