A 30’s carp bonanza for Paul Cooper at Villefond

38.09 for Paul Cooper at Villefond… one of 21 x 30lb+ carp caught in the week

“It is not often that I get the chance to fish a truly thirties water in France, when what it says on the label you get – well I have now & it’s Villefond!”

This quote is from Paul Cooper after his recent session on Villefond.  He took;

1 x forty, 20 x thirties and 1x twenty… & the 30’s were all good 30’s, not scrapers – 32-14, 34-01, 39-o4, 34-08, 31-08, 33-14, 37-09, 27-10, 36-14, 31-07, 35-11, 38-08, 33-14, 33-03, 35-13, 37-00, 41-12, 34-14, 38-09, 37-03, 34-14, 30-11.

All the fish were caught over heavy beds of bait consiting of partiblend, hemp, carp pellet and assorted sizes in fresh Quest baits Chilli-chocolate boilies.

You can read the full article here.


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