A day winter carp fishing at Villefond

43.01 – who says carp don’t feed in the winter!

We arrived at the lake at 7.30am just before it got light. There were three of us fishing, Myself (Mark Lambert) the owner (John Lambert) and our friend Gavin Rose. Just as it became light enough to boat the rods out I put my three rods on my spots. John also got his two rods out and I moved to his swim to talk. Just then we heard a very pleased yell from Gavin he had only got two rods in the water and he was already into a carp.

As I moved round to help with the fish he yelled again as his second rod took off. He landed both fish the first a lovely 44.10 mirror the other smaller at 30.8. What a start we thought and I hurried back to my rods in anticipation. It was not one hour before Johns rods screamed off and after a fight all in at the margins we slipped the net under a 43.10 mirror.

The mirror later identified on Villefond fish gallery where we keep track of all the fish photo’s we get had shown a 10lb growth in under a year! The rest of the day was quiet until in the evening Johns rods went off again and we slipped the net under a small but really fat 23lb common, a stocky from the beginning of the year.

The day was uneventful for me but we went home with impressed again with how the bait is pulling the fish out even though the temperature didn’t rise above 2 degrees at its hottest.

Mark, Villefond


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