A fabulous year at Old Oaks carp lake

 One of Steve Eamonson’s 40’s from his September Old Oaks session

As the 2010 season comes to a close it’s easier to look back & spot the lakes that have fished exceptionally well and moved up a class, so to speak.  One such lake is Old Oaks.  The catches here have been exceptional this year.  You can read the customer feedback here … but here’s an example from just a few weeks ago;


Steven Eamonson & his 3 mates fished Old Oaks w/c 11.09.10.  Between the 4 of them they ended up with 54 fish… 3 x 40,s up to 41lb,  30 x 30’s up to 39lb & 10 x 20’s up to 29lb.  They found the best tactics were baitboat filled with boilies, 1 rod from the far margin.  Best bait for Steven was Solar Top Banana pop ups

Steve said;

” Mhedi (the owner) is a top bloke who left you alone to enjoy your weeks fishing.  It was a brilliant trip & we really enjoyed it!”




And this is not exceptional…a few weeks earlier the Baber party had 60 carp in total…  4 x 40s (40.08 Mirror, 41.02 common, 42.09 common, 43.08 common), 21 x 30s, 33 x 20s &  2 Grass Carp under 20lb.  Average size at least 25lb.

So if you’re considering a venue for 2011… take a look at Old Oaks.


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