A superb French carp fishing holiday… and the wife was happy too!

Chuck with one of his beloved Bletiere carp

Since 2007, I have become a fan of fishing holidays in France after I had decided that my 30+ years of carp fishing needed a different and a new exciting challenge. Since this time I have visited a variety of venues and used a number of different angling holiday companies to arrange these fantastic great value trips and I have been fortunate to catch some truly awesome and memorable carp. So in October 2010, I once again, rubbed my hands together, and hopped from leg to leg like a small child at Christmas as another trip to France was about to start.

Our accommodation for the week


This time I had taken advantage of Angling Lines superb early/late deal offers and was returning to La Bletiere.

This is the same venue that had originally lit my fire for French carp fishing holidays and once again it had been organised by Angling Lines. What can I say; the venue, fishing, accommodation and holiday organisation just gets better.

The following is without doubt a personal endorsement for Bletiere, its owners and Angling Lines, but I thought that anyone reading this who may be deciding to go to France for the first time… or anyone whose previous trips have been disappointing may appreciate this feedback from a venue which to me offers some of the best fishing in France with accommodation that is simply out of this world.




My idea of carp fishing heaven!

My idea of carp fishing heaven!


Why Bletiere? Well just imagine driving down a track to spot a completely private 2.5acre stunning looking mature lake (the lake has been in existence since Napoleonic times), and pull up outside its fantastic looking Gite that overlooks the lake.  You’ll be greeted by John the owner, his wife Lesley and their two dogs, Wispa and Daisy and you know that you have the lake, accommodation and the opportunity to catch some truly stunning carp to over 40lb on an exclusive basis for a week.  Heaven!

As stated our latest holiday took place late in the season towards the end of October 2010, and when we arrived at Bletiere on this trip, John said that the fishing had slowed up as the temperatures had started to drop.  This coupled with a continued period of high pressure and clear skies had begun to affect the fishing.

John is the perfect host for a fishing holiday with his imitate knowledge of the lake and years of carp fishing experience.  Most importantly he developed that clever balance of being there when you want him and not, as I have sadly found at some of the other venues, pushy and in your face for all the timeyou are at their lakes. John somehow manages to make himself available to give advice, prompts and assistance without being at all imposing.

We sat in the late October sun enjoying tea and scones with Lesley & John and discussed the coming weeks fishing.

27lb of Bletiere gold!

27lb of Bletiere gold!My holiday idea is usually to fish days only and combine the fishing with a holiday for my partner. During the week, we normally take time out from the lake to take advantage of the area visiting the local towns, markets, bars and restaurants that France is famous for.



On to the fishing.  Well, what can I say… by following John’s advice and basically fishing the same as we would at home  i.e. adopting a sensible approach and using a bit of stealth Bletiere produced over a dozen stunning October carp to over 35lb.

My technique was to pin down main lines, use balanced boilies with small hooks on a combi-hook lengths, coupled with a cautious baiting pattern.

So once again Bletiere produced and I was able to combine some brilliant fishing with a superb family holiday.  What a place!








One of the bedrooms at Bletiere - sure to keep the wife happy!

One of the bedrooms at Bletiere – sure to keep the wife happy!


In all my French experiences to date, Bletiere is without doubt one of the top, top venues in France and will appeal for the experienced angler looking to fish an inspirational place with carp to over 40lb on an exclusive basis; or to the family angler looking to combine (as I do), top class fishing and superb accommodation with a family holiday.

The pictures accompanying this article does not do justice to Bletiere… but it gives you some idea of the beauty of the place and the opportunity to catch some of its magnificent fish.

My trip was organised by Angling Lines, who literally take care of all arrangements and make me feel that I was one of their friends and not just another client. Everything from ferry crossing, choice of boat times and recommended routes through France to get to the venue was provided, I really can not recommend the venue and Angling Lines highly enough.

Try it… but be warned, once you have experienced Bletiere and Angling Lines, you too will be hooked for life.

Chuck Ives
January 2011


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