A great week’s carp fishing for the owners at Watersmeet

June’s first fish since owning Watersmeet!

We arrived Sunday morning & the weather was beautiful with blue sky wall to wall, but it was very cold. We unloaded the car & Grant took his gear down to swim one and proceeded to set up his bivvy, etc.

With a cup of tea inside us Mick and myself took a walk down to the lake.  Not 30mins after casting the rods in and we’re off… a nice 35lb+ mirror, followed with a 25lb’er and 2 hours latter a 15lb+.  A great start to the week!

God it’s so cold out there but Grants “in-it-to-win-it” so while we’re nice and warm in the house he’s out in the bivvy (mind you he’s got the gear so shouldn’t be too bad )… good luck to him!


He comes up to the house about 9.30am Hot bath, bacon sarnie and a mug of tea. Off for the next session!


Same as Monday with icy start to the day, couple of runs in the night but nothing.  He’s not happy now & beginning to think Sunday was a bit of luck.  After a couple of weeks with no guest’s (as we’re into the closed season now) maybe fish went mad for his bait?

We get on with some work, removing leaves from the monk and outside the house, A never ending job!


Again another freezing night but a beautiful sunny morning. I take Grant a hot drink and something to eat.

Grant asks me to look after the rods while he goes up the house. He’d only been gone 10 mins when the furthest alarm screamed into action.  I’m talking to my granddaughter on the phone & not thinking I throw the phone onto the bank run over to the rods.  I pick the rod up… I haven’t had to do this since going to Fishabil 12 years ago!

Think girl think, what did Mick tell you!  Adrenaline running it all came back. Thinking how stupid I was throwing the phone down I could have phoned Grant to get his backside down here!

All I could do was play it to the swim and hope by then he would be back. Suddenly I see him strolling down the bank.

“Quick get over here, I’m in!”

You can just imagine the look on his face! 60 hours without a nibble… mum comes along and 10 mins later she’s in!

He calmly turns to me, “Would you like me to land it?”

I shan’t tell you what I said. We always have had the rule in our family, if you walk away from the rods and someone else picks it up you give up the right to the fish. Grant nets the fish and nestling in the bottom of the net is a prime Watersmeet 35lb+ common.

I am over the moon, the feeling of excitement!  Quick, take the photos and on the phone send it to everyone. HE’S NOT HAPPY!


04.00… In my nice cosy bed & suddenly the phone rings, he’s got a 40lb+, and it’s a new lake record for a common!  I can hear him laughing and whooping down the lake as we have the window open as the temperature has gone up.

After nothing all day, Grant reels in and we get on with some more jobs.

Early dinner as he’s eager to get down to the lake for the night session as this is his last night fishing.

11.30pm & I’m just getting ready to go to bed when the phones rings.

“Quick get down here… I’m into another big fish!

Turns out to be a  40lb 8oz mirror.

The last fish of the session, a 25lb+, comes out at about 01.00am.

What a week!  Freezing weather but some great fish.  Grant’s over the moon as he’d had a bad week back in the summer.

Best Regards, June


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