A New Video From Etang Du Furet

We have just uploaded Mike and Matt Linstead’s video from their trip to Etang du Furet this May. They fished swims 4 and 5, landing numerous carp including two at a massive 50lb+. 

Etang du Furet provides quality French Carp Fishing in central France. The lake has been around since the 15th century and has a very mature, authentic feel. It boasts many carp between 44-66lb and definitely has the potential to send you home with aching arms and a very large smile on your face.

Find out more about Etang du Furet carp lake here – Carp Fishing in France


One thought on “A New Video From Etang Du Furet

  1. arnold Engels says:

    Dear Matt ,

    Can’t see the video ?( a tutorial to Carp fishing at Etang du Furet )
    We go to the etang Furet Lake in about 2 weeks
    Like to know your tutorials and startegy
    Is it possible to send me a new link to the video ?
    Like to hear from you

    Kind Regards ,

    Arnold Engels from the Netherlands

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