A Summary of Glehias’ 2015 Season

Despite kicking off to slow start in terms of Anglers, those brave enough to come in March and April this year saw some decent catches in spite of the rain.

La Gléhias regulars, Richard Park and Scott Bryant did their usual trick of finding a few big lumps in March when the water was still very cold, with Scott busting a PB with a 35lb8oz Common, and Nick Cooper returned to us determined to bank a few biggun’s and we were happy to oblige.

Glehias French carp fishing lake

Nobby & Tom 54lb

 “Lee and Tracy are wonderful people who make the French trip special. The lake has some cracking fish in and looks beautiful, lots of features to fish to and a floating cabin which is simply stunning.”  Nick Cooper, April 2015

April also saw the return of the Chamberlain Party who, as on their previous visit to us, had monstrous success both in terms of fish numbers and weights with nineteen Carp to over 38lb and eight Cats to 54lb.

May again was pretty quiet for us Anglerwise, so the fish took that as a cue to get some spawning out of the way. Didn’t stop regulars Keith and Barry Smith winkling out a few whoppers and their mate Alex Harrocks bagged a brute of catfish to boot.

Glehias French carp fishing lake

Tom 35lb 8oz

The season really got underway from June with Tom Roberts and Simon Bonwick enjoying some daytime carp fishing on Lake Lauren whilst Simon’s octogenarian dad Charles had fun on Lake William (the coarse lake) floating for silverfish.

“Brilliant place. Hope to come back. Fishing perfect for our very mixed group + facilities superb. Owner very helpful + friendly.”  Simon Bonwick, June 2015

Jenny and Ted Handley retuned to us in July and Jenny gave herself the challenge of catching one of the bigger Cats. She accomplished this in style landing a 43lb’er which also gave her the Ladies Lake Record Cat Award! Adding this to the Ladies Lake Record Mirror and Ladies Lake Record Grass Carp in previous years, that’s a nice collection of La Gléhias wine right there!

Glehias French carp fishing lake

Billy Morris 38lb 8oz

July also saw the arrival of the Morris Party, the two anglers in the party were teenagers Elliott and Billy who bagged an amazing 41 fish in their time here in including nine 30+ Carp and two 40+ Catfish. The lads had set themselves the target of catching 20lb+ fish; they achieved this in the first day!

August saw the return of the Calthorpe family who managed to bank 28 fish including a big brace in their week, but then we wouldn’t expect any less than this from them with Wendy smashing the Ladies Lake Records numerous times in the past.

The fish behaved pretty well throughout the season and continued to come out in reasonable numbers, averaging around 18 per week up until some point early in September when we suspect maybe half the Carp decided to have a second spawning which slowed up some the bigger fish for a few weeks after.

Glehias French carp fishing lake

Steve & Wendy Calthorpe 61lb brace

The return of the Cheese Party at the start of October saw the catch numbers coming back up.

“Thank you to Lee and Tracy on my first ever French adventure! Me and Nigel Cheese had a blast even though the week proved challenging we managed 15 between us including my first ever cats after losing a few between us. Best fight I’ve ever experienced! 32lb PB which I hope to break next time.”  Chris White, October 2015

Richard Park came back for the second time this year with buddy Wayne Hockley and the pair had a fairly busy time banking twenty one fish including two near forties for first time visitor Wayne who broke his PB three times in his week here.

The elusive big Cat was hooked several times this year but once again snapped everybody so we still don’t know the weight of it; can’t wait to see what it comes out at, maybe next year!

Big thanks to all our anglers for visiting us for giving us your cracking feedback and photos and hope to see you all here again soon.

Lee & Tracy

For more information on Glehias follow the link – French Carp Fishing


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