A Very Happy Carp Lake Owner

41lb French Carp

41.12 – John’s new Pb!

As any of my regular guest here at Bletiere will know, I have never been blessed with a 40lb’er out of the venue.  Well I’m afraid the day has now come when I’ll no longer have to listen to the usual ribbing when another 40lb’er comes out!

Having been working around the lake for the last few days I could see the carp feeding in the spots where I fed them, and not just a few odd fish but several in one area.  So with a cold snap forecast I thought it was time I had a go myself at catching something.

I set up in the middle swim and thought I would try 3 different baits to see what, if anything worked.  Once all was sorted I sat back with the dogs and waited, but I have to be honest with the air temperature only 6 degrees and the water 8 degrees I was not expecting a lot of action.

After about 90 minutes the left hand rod slowly tightened and the alarm started a slow but steady signal.  I tightened up into the carp and immediately I knew it was going to be a good fish as it plodded down towards the end of the lake and just hugged the bottom.

After what seemed an age I had the fish in the net and what a beauty – not a mark on her and very solid, so looked like she had been feeding well.  As I bent to pick the net out the water that’s when I knew it was going to be big and close to my first 40lb’er.

As I put the weigh sling on the scales I was well pleased to see it settle at 41lb 12oz, smashing my previous Pb here of 39lb 14oz.  The only unlucky thing was that there was no one here to take a photo of me holding it.  So after a quick check over and a big thank you I slipped her back into her home.

I am now determined to get the self take gear out and practice with the camera for the next time as I would hate to get a bigger fish out and not have another decent photo.  Never the less I am a very happy lake owner.

Tight lines, John

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