New Swim Christened by a Pair of Forties at Molyneux

A round-up of last weeks fishing action at Molyneux, including a pair of forties to christen the new cabin swim…

We set about preparing for the arrival of our guests for the week, a couple of lads from Essex, Dean and Mike, who had never been to the lake before. They arrived around mid morning, and after a cup of tea and a chat we showed them to the cabin, which they had booked for the week, and of course the new shiny swim which had been finished just days before.

We left them to get set up, sort themselves out and make themselves comfortable.

I looked in a few times during the day and they were certainly happy enough, Mike was a regular carper while Dean was more of a novice, and along in the hopes of landing a 30+ French carp.

That evening Dean almost got his wish, when he lost a very large carp at the net, just as it was being drawn toward the drawcord, it had turned and made a final lunge for freedom resulting in a hookpull. It is never good to lose a fish, but when it is so close and so obviously a good one it really hurts.

In the early hours of Sunday morning Mike had a savage take, after which came a proper fight from a wily carp, he took his time, obviously mindful of his friends misfortune the previous night. Finally he lifted the net around a large long and very heavy mirror. Up on the scales and it was weighed in at 40lb 2oz, a fantastic start to their week, as well as our season, and of course a brilliant way to christen the new cabin swim.

Molyneux French Carp Lakes

40lb 2oz – Mike

When sat chatting to them later, both of the guys thought that as big as Mike’s forty was, the fish that Dean lost was larger. On Sunday I took the guys out in the boat and we dropped a few markers around on likely looking spots.

Sunday night proved to be another clear, cold night with no action until first light when at around 7am Dean was in again, he picked the fish from a large gravel area directly in front of the cabin, past the tip of the island, which is normally fished from the social 2 swim. After another terrific fight he brought the fish cautiously towards him, this time he managed to guide it into the net handled by Mike. The guy’s lifted the fish into the cradle and opened the net to see another large lump of mirror carp This one weighed in at 40lb 4oz. What an incredible start to their session, both anglers off the mark and with a forty pound plus fish to their name.

Molyneux French Carp Lakes

Champagne time in the cabin swim

Monday night both the anglers drew a blank, Tuesday night was unfortunately the same result.  Fish were definitely in the area and the guys were seeing showing fish and so still felt confident that the spots would come good. They perservered tweaking rigs and changing hookbaits, doing everything they could to get the edge that might lead to fish on the bank.

Wednesday evening at around 11.30pm Mike landed his second mirror of the week, another corker of 36lb 6oz. The following morning at 4.20am Mike landed another mirror weighing 33lb 4oz. Once again that evening the carp put on a last light show for the guys, and it was no surprise when Mike had another belting run at 10pm that night. This resulted in him banking a 34lb mirror. Things seemed to have picked up nicely after the lull of Tuesday and Wednesday.

Molyneux French Carp Lake

 33lb 4oz – Mike

Molyneux French Carp Lake

33lb 6oz – Mike

At 1am Friday morning Mike was in again, landing a 29lb 15oz mirror, at 5am he followed this up with a 33lb 5oz mirror. At 8.30am just before breakfast Dean got in on the act with a 28lb mirror.

Molyneux French Carp Fishing Holidays

29lb – Dean

That evening Mike finished off the trip with another mirror of 26lb 15oz. A steady weeks angling in mixed weather, the guys seemed to have enjoyed their break, and we thoroughly enjoyed their company.

Hopefully we will see them again soon…

Wally & Helen, Molyneux


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