A year in the life of an Angling Lines Field Tester – Pt 3

Paul Cooper is one of a small band of anglers we use to Field Test our venues. Over the course of several Blog Posts he’ll take you through his 2010 trips;

Carp fishing

Returning a 38lb 9oz safely back to Lac du Villefond

Part 3 – Lac Du Villefond

It was late September when I visited Lac Du Villefond with Paul Brookes. Our task was to try and put some of the lakes bigger fish on the bank. My research of the lake showed that Lac Du Villefond is a little less than 8 acres with flat grassed banks around the lake. It has depths from 1 foot to 9 foot and has an island central to the lake. On site is a shower room and toilet adjacent to the caravan. With fish averaging 30lb plus this should prove to be an interesting week.

I was not prepared to change my bait or tactics from my 2 previous trips, so once again I had Shaun send me out his Chilli Chocolate boilies.

The temperature was into the low thirties with very little movement from its residents to give away their location. Paul settled into a swim opposite to the island and I settled in a corner off the dam.

Carping in France with Angling Lines

Relaxing in swim 2

On my second day of sitting out in scorching sunshine with no fish to my name, I saw carp showing in front of a shaded swim on the dam, a move was on the cards. On the afternoon of my move I struck lucky with an impressive 32lb 14oz carp. Over the next 24 hours I landed three other thirties to 39lb 4oz. The area where I had taken the fish from was more easily reached from the bank to my left, so the next day I was on the move again; 4 days and 3 different swims but I was now in for a fishing bonanza.

The final swim that I settled into had shallow margins gently sloping off to around 6 foot at 76 yards out into the lake. With this in mind I changed my tactics and used rattler indicators to allow me to fish slack lines. Over the next 3 nights I landed a further 16 thirties, a 41lb 12oz mirror, and an upper twenty, with the average being 35lb plus. Paul Had 2 carp of 35lb 2oz and 30lb 14oz.

Despite catching 23 carp over thirty pound, we had not fully achieved our task, and some of the bigger residents still remained uncaught. With a bit of arm twisting I may get Dave to send me back next year. My next trip was already booked at a new venue for Angling Lines, Golden Oaks Lake.

You can read the full article detailing Paul’s trip here.


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