Accurate Casting in the Fog

During this time of the year it is normal to get heavy mist and fog falling…

This happened last week whilst fishing Brocard Large Lake in France and after catching a gorgeous looking common I could no longer see the silhouette of the tree line on the far bank to be able to re-cast accurately.

This was a problem as I was doubled up in a swim and my baited patches were quite tight. I had markers on my line to indicate the distance I needed to cast but had a blank canvas in front of me that gave no clue as to the direction.

As soon as the heavy mist lifted I incorporated an old trick of mine with 2 spare bank sticks and left them pointing in the direction I needed to cast from my casting point. The following night the mist came down again blotting out the horizon but after catching another good fish I was able to recast spot on the money again. I know it was as I caught 2 more 30lb plus commons on that rod that night. A great little trick to have up your sleeve.

Carp Fishing in France Tips

The trick worked – twice!

Best fishes
Shaun Harrison, Quest Baits


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