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spods for use in FranceHi all at Angling Lines,

I’ve just read Paul Cooper’s article on accurate spodding and a bit of help is required if you have a minute please. I always used to set my baited rods slightly longer than my spod rod to allow for the arc when the baited rods came to rest, but the article states to set them all at the same length? Any extra help would be much appreciated.

Big thanks in advance,



Hello Jason

How to present your bait can always be a topic of debate. In some situations when you are trying to draw in lots if feeding carp it can be beneficial to spread your bait over a larger area to create a mad feeding frenzy. On a lot of the waters that I fish, I am fishing for one fish at a time and therefore I try to keep the baiting table as small as possible.

With regards to the arc effect from a cast, I reduce this by clipping up the line and also by using braided line. I tend to over-cast so that as the spod is about to reach the baited area I raise the rod vertically. The line clip then comes into play as the my measured distance is reached, the weight of the spod and its momentum then pulls  the rod to a horizontal position and the spod hits the water with a straight line, hopefully in the same place every time.

By raising the rod just before the spod is about to hit the water, this reduces and illuminates the recoil on the line. If you do want to bait a bigger area or an area further out than your hook bait then simply pull a more  few inches or feet off the reel before clipping up the braid.

A good idea is to initially leave out your marked up marker float as you present your spodded bait and you will see where your bait is landing. Once you are confident with your spodding practises your marker float becomes redundant as accurate presentation can be made from every cast. From there mark up your rods and away you go.

I hope this helps it certainly does for me and ensures that I am presenting a tight baited area with my hook bait amongst the goodies.

Regards, Paul Cooper


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