Additional Carp Stock Added at Golden Oak

We decided to increase our fish stock after identifying a gap in the 20 to 30lb range. Our existing fish have put on so much weight that we are in the great position of having plenty of 30 to 50lb fish, and of course we have to mention The Boss at a magnificent 59lb plus. I wonder what he will weigh this spring?The quality of fish supplied to us by Michel & Laurent Bigot at our last restock was truly remarkable, they have all done so well, so we placed another order with confidence.

A good size Mirror decides to make me wetter than I already am

The weather had been pretty awful, but I don’t need to tell you about bad weather, do I?  I really think Team Bigot have divine guidance… they picked the perfect slot between the torrential rain, ice, & hurricane strength winds.  We’d asked a couple of friends to help out as we didn’t want to push our luck weather wise – but it’s amazing how quickly you can move when the sky goes that deep purple colour!

Laurent didn’t disappoint us & we received a lovely selection of mirrors & some of the best commons we’ve seen.  All the carp were between 5 and 6 years old, weighing between 20 to 26lb and in absolutely pristine condition.

Dick as ever, kept a close eye on the lake, adjusting the level as the rain fell and spotted some of the newcomers exploring. They are obviously a gourmet strain of carp as they are guzzling up Dicks Mix already! That’s it, boys, anyone for 2nds?

We managed to get some great still shots but we passed the camcorder to a friend & sorry, but everyone can make a mistake.  We have lovely shots of water, lorry, Dicks left ear, weigh sling (empty at the time) goats, and grass! Don’t give up the day job, Jacky!

Fishing holidays at Golden Oak


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