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Carp fishery management

Not worth stealing fish from here!

Chips4Fish – what would you want to microchip a carp for?

That is the usual question I get asked when I say what we do at Chips4Fish.  The answer is simple… Identification.  No ambiguity, when you put a microchip in a fish you know when you run a microchip reader over the fish EXACTLY what fish you have your hands on.

Many anglers tell me that they can recognize their fish and I don’t doubt, 8 out of ten times they can tell ‘One Eye’ from ‘Cut Tail’ – perhaps the differences in those two particular fish would be very obvious but in others not so much so.  However, even if ‘Cut Tail’ lost the cup part of his tail to say a big pike, or a boat, the microchip would still tell you which fish you have.

French carping

Why is that so important you may ask?

If you can indisputably identify your stock then you can manage them more easily and with certainty.  A fishery manager can watch growth rates and perhaps arrange which males to put with which females to try to improve the blood lines, choosing perhaps, to put together quick growing pairs in the hope of producing quicker growing offspring.

If the fish are microchipped you can be absolutely sure you have the right two individuals.

A side benefit comes from added security.  Thieves like to take items that can’t be traced but put a chip in a fish and it is immediately carrying invisibly its home water address.  A microchip is accepted as proof of ownership so chipped fish with relevant signage around the water will deter fish thieves who will generally prefer to go down the road and pinch the unmarked fish in that lake.


So what about the anglers?  What does microchipping the fish do for them?

That depends somewhat on the fishery manager and the reporting of catches.  Some waters keep meticulous records on catches.  Which fish, what weight, where it was caught, on what bait, what was the weather/time/ etc, etc.

This can be a boon to the specimen hunter and to the fishery, who’s data on all caught fish is kept very much up-to-date by their own clients FOR FREE!   When a 39lber is caught and found today to be over 40lb’s or 50lb’s or whatever, that’s another selling point for the fishery worthy of noting on the websites.

Why use the Chips4Fish System?

1) Chips4Fish is the only company dedicated to the leisure fishery and angling sector.

2) We train fishery staff in implanting techniques and for the safety of the fish, we do not supply venues where the staff are untrained.  Trained staff are given a special Implanter Code. Unless you have that code you should not be able to buy implant tools or the microchips from any responsible microchip supplier.  This is to protect the fish against ‘cowboys’ who may damage or kill fish by implanting chips in the wrong place.

3) The products we supply are state-of-the-art and proven in fishery, companion animal and zoological use.

4) Chips4Fish offer ‘next day’ order delivery service.

For further details contact: Tony Loveless.

Email:       Tel/Fax: 01323 460887


3 thoughts on “Advanced carp lake management – microchipping carp

  1. Tony Loveless says:

    Please note the telephone number and email address for Chips4Fish is now:

    Tel: 01639 731257

  2. Gary Pearson says:

    Hi. I own a carp fishery in France. I’m interested in finding out more about your product.
    Kind regards. Gary.

  3. Hi Gary

    This blog post is a few years old now but it is worth contacting the company direct:

    Tony Loveless.

    Kind regards
    Angling Lines

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