Alder 2017 Catch Report

Chris, owner of Alder & Notaires, has compiled last years catch reports from Alder with impressive results! Here’s the info…

I’ve worked through the Alder catch reports for 2017, I don’t have every single report and they were not always reported in the same format so there is a little guesswork in there for the exact breakdown.

665 carp were caught; 292 twenties, 274 thirties and 42 forties. This is an average of 11.7 carp per angler.
alder carp fishing france

Roger with a 40lb mirror from Alder

The chart of average catch per angler shows that the lake fished it’s best during the summer, despite the heat and the drought!
Best individual result was Roger Spendif with 42 carp on his first week, he also caught 35 the second week showing that it wasn’t a fluke. Tim Suttle also landed 35 carp in slightly less than a week. Congratulations to both anglers and thanks to everybody who fished with us in 2017.

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French carp fishing at Alder

One of Alder’s Swims


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