Alder gets more carp stock


Seventy fish were to be added at Alder so aching arms were pressed into service again. This time the lower lake levels helped as it was easy to wade out on the lower gradient and ease the fish out in deep water. Even so, some of them seemed reluctant to leave their ‘helpers’ and had to be encouraged to head away from the stocking point.

Finally we got down to just one tank. “Just the big ones left,” said the driver. This remark was met by groans in both English and French (Steph and I were helped by one of the Pisciculture Couturier employees) as the ‘little-uns’ had weighed between 22 to 25lbs. Now we had to add the 25 to 30s!

Finally they were all in and had swum happily away. Alder is at its target stocking of 220 fish ranging from high teens at the low end, to mid-thirties or higher at the upper end. We added our first batch of 30-pounders three years ago, and while the lake has not been fished heavily, there have been plenty of mid 30s and some upper 30s caught, so I’m confident we will see our first 40s on 2010.

You can read the full report here.


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