Alder Carp – Hard Fighting AND Pretty

Mick and Alan fished Alder for a week from Saturday 27th April and here is a round up of their feedback;

42.3 Carp at Alder Carp Fishing in France

Mick’s New PB – 42.03

Details of your catches: 28 Carp, 2 x 40’s up to 42.3, 4 x 30’s up to 31, 19 x 20’s.

Your best tactics/bait/rigs: Bottom baits tipped with plastic corn or double 14/15mm boilies. I was trialing baits for Custom Baits Ltd and their peach/black pepper boilies out-fished Mainline Cell, it was only when we ran out (had 5kg) that the cell come into its own.

General comments: The fish in alder are some of the prettiest, hardest fighting carp i have had the pleasure of doing battle with, they don’t know when to give up, amazing stunning fish.

We were up against it before we arrived as the temp dropped 20′ over the 2 days before we got there, we had a NE wind blowing most of the week and this kept water temp cold but the fish still fed. Was harder than expected but in the conditions, what we had was great.

30lb Carp at Alder Carp Fishing in France

Alan – 30lb

Chris and Steph are two of the most down to earth people I have met, nothing phases them, a real pleasure.
Not in your face but on hand if needed, would walk their dog each evening and call in to see if all was ok and see how we had done ( even gave us warnings of 2 thunderstorms coming which was big help).

40lb Carp at Alder Carp Fishing France

40lb on the nose

For more information, articles, photo’s and feedback from Alder follow the link – Carp Fishing in France


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