An Incredible 80 Carp in One Week

Some great feedback from Alder last week thanks to Richard and Robert, who managed 80 carp between them!

Holiday date: Sat 27th Sep to Sat 4th Oct 2014 
Name of customer: Robert Andrews
Number of anglers: 2

Details of your catches: 30 x teens, 39 x twenties, 10 x thirties, 1 x forty (44lbs, PB)

Your best tactics/bait/rigs: Little and often baiting with boilies. Standard carp tactics with wafter / bottom baits on former area

Were the facilities what you expected? Yes
Were you happy with them? Yes

Would you recommend the venue to a friend? Absolutely
Would you recommend our services to a friend? Yes

General comments: Great fishing with some excellent hard fighting carp!! Stunning location and facilities better than expected.

Excellent food package with massive portions of quality home cooked food. We have both worked in the hospitality business and can’t fault our hosts in this respect. Chris and Steph are lovely down to earth people who have made us feel very welcome.

Alder Carp Fishing Holidays in France

44.6 – Robert Andrews

Alder Carp Fishing Holidays in France

37.2 – Robert Andrews

Alder Carp Fishing Holidays in France

One of the swim, mid-capture

Alder Carp Fishing Holidays in France

35.12 – Richard Andrews


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