An Update From Laroussi

Mehdi, the owner of renowned big fish waters Old Oaks and Laroussi, fills us in on the latest from the lake…

The last 3 weeks have produced some really good fish, including 4 catfish well over 100lb having been caught in the last 2 weeks. They all weighed between an incredible 110 and 125lb.

Laroussi Big Carp and Cat Lake in France


Laroussi Big Carp and Cat Lake in France


Today as I’m writing this news, another one has just been landed again over 100lb! That makes 5 catfish in a row over 100lb! Without counting the monster one caught last year at 165lb.

Regarding carp, forties and fifties are coming out on the regular. We’ve seen 55lb, 54lb, 54lb, 49lb & 51lb mirrors and this week saw 55lb6oz, 51lb & 44lb6oz commons.  As well as a brace at 54lb and 58lb!

Last week, a stunning dark 66lber was landed by John Huddleston’s party.

A few big grass carp met hooks also, the biggest weighed in at 49lb12oz.

Tight Lines

You can see all the fish photos from Laroussi here, just follow the link  – Carp Fishing in France


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