Andrew Gilbert

Angling Experience;

I’ve been fishing for fifteen years and have become more involved with carp fishing for around the last ten years. My UK P.B is 36.5lbs, my French P.B mirror is 52.7lbs and my French common is 48.13lbs. Like 99% of carp anglers in the UK I don’t get to do this for a living and have to balance a full time job with getting time on the bank. I don’t pretend to be a fantastic angler but I am very enthusiastic and passionate about fishing. All my bait and tackle get paid for from my wages at retail prices and I do have a budget of what I can spend. I’m aiming to connect with new anglers fishing in France and maybe even people just getting into carp fishing. Hopefully my writing will give you ideas. I certainly look to other people’s articles and blogs for ideas and inspiration. Oh and i’d better mention Stewart Cliff, my companion on all the French fishing trips, who’s in a co-operative capacity with my blog writing.

Carp Fishing in France Blog

52.07lbs from Laroussi, March 2011

Favourite UK Water;

I’ve been fishing exclusively day ticket waters for the last five years, so I move about a bit. I like Catch 22, although i’ve not fished it much or done particularly well on it. I’ve gotten back into single day trips recently, and I quite enjoy the sport of a runs water. I took my Dad to a local complex a few months ago and had a great day out catching mid double cats and carp.

Most Memorable Capture;

I always longed for a big common, so I went to Commons and picked up the fella below at 48.13lbs.

Carp Fishing in France Blog

48.13lbs from Commons Lake

On another session, after blanking for four days at Laroussi, I moved swims and caught this two minutes after the first rig hit the water. The 52.7 pounder (shown above) came two hours later from the same spot, i’m glad I moved.

Carp Fishing in France Blog

This 49.9lbs is one of my favourites

Favourite tactics/methods;

For short sessions on day ticket waters I like to use bright hookbaits with a nice pungent stick. For longer sessions, especially a week in France, i’ve got into spreading bait about a bit. I like to be flexible with rod positions, and a line of bait means I can fish wide or bunched up depending on the situation.

Best Tips;

Do some research about the lake you’re fishing, anything to give you a head start catching carp is a good thing.

If there was one piece of advice you could offer to a first time French carp angler what would it be?

Pick a lake that suits what you want to achieve from a fishing holiday. Luckily Angling Lines venues have tons of information, so a bit of research and conversation with the staff will see you pick an ideal lake. I’ve always noticed that the second half of my weeks fishing always seems to be more productive. If it’s slow in the beginning, don’t panic; a week is a long time to be fishing. If you have to move to get on the fish midway through, do it. Most of all enjoy every moment you’re there, i’ve never know weeks to fly by so quick.

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