Angler Strikes Lucky with a 49lb Ghost Common

Here’s some feedback from a group of anglers fishing Laroussi last month…

Holiday date: Sat 10th May to Sat 17th May 2014
Name of customer: John Allen
Number of anglers: 6

Details of your catches: 

Starting from L’Ance – top rod Alex Noble had three 40’s – 48,  a 49 Ghost common? lake record and a mid forty, a few thirties and multiple twenties. Fished a rod for cats and no catchee. I saw him fish that swim with intelligent strategy, most would not have the bravery to do so 🙂 

Plage with Kurtis = blank. 

Le Chien – Peter Allen struggled with a low common until purple mad Friday when he lost a 50+ at net, then took a 39 mirror and upper thirty common. (fished a rod for Cats and no catchee)

Birches – John Allen took a 24 grassy Sunday (the fish nuisance fairy took that fish to a new home), lost a 40+ to right side overhanging branches (in morning those branches fell victim to the snag fairy, weilding a silky).  

All quiet until Wednesday and took a day time run losing a 40+ to left side overhanging branches (I went for a cup of tea and the snag fairy had them too) 🙂 then took a 38 grassy that evening and I let him patrol up and down my margin (he seemed confused about the lack of good snags in my swim).

Large ghost carp from Laroussi

Alex Noble with the ghost common at 48lb 4oz

I also benefited from mad Friday as I took a 46 and a half in the day time sunshine. I had my sunglasses on and watched that fish causing flashes of gold as it turned about 20 times, 6ft down in the sunshine. A very special moment for me.

It was then that Pete lost his big fish next door, got his rods out then I took a 31 grassy, he had his common, then I took a 43 grassy that beat him up, rods out again for both of us, he had his 39 mirror and I took a 16 pound old resident fully scaled cum linear mirror. Magic moments fishing with my bro’ 🙂

Philip Allen on the Pointe fished with Johnny five next door and both were tortured by carp crashing in front of them but not taking hook baits and a thousand different rigz were field tested that week to connect. Phil did come and see my fish, got back to his rods and within mins was into a screaming run on mad Friday. He had an incredible battle to land a 59lb sturgeon, he lost a 70+ sturgeon at bankside, he also took an eleven pound tench, 20 and 17 pound carp. Johnny five also took the same 20 and 17 pound carp. 

carp fishing in france at laroussi

Your best tactics/bait/rigs: The lake had fished extremely well for the three weeks prior to our trip and we arrived in rain and cold and it all slowed down no end. We made mad Friday happen by massive baiting with Quest Raja spice boilies on Wednesday. 

Were the facilities what you expected? No they were not, Mehdi got rid of all the old BBQ’S because of previous obsessive compulsive anglers whinging about them and other trivial matters like the grass not cut close enough ??? We had to borrow Mehdi’s personal BBQ as we planned our traditional social bbq’s. He was so nice to help us out with that. Please only complain about major probs guyz 🙂 

The anglers hut was repainted, the shower was upgraded and he furnished a picnic table for us, but it needs to be in point swim. He has been working hard modifying the swims and using wood mulch. I think Mehdi is a brilliant bailiff always helpful and obliging to help you succeed on the lake  🙂

Were you happy with them?
 Very Happy 🙂

Would you recommend the venue to a friend? No because there are no fish in this lake, please spread the word.
Would you recommend our services to a friend? Yes very helpful

General comments: I think Mehdi needs to take the lake into the computer age and provide broadband across the lake, so we can Skype our loved ones and annoy people on facebook. Many thanx.

For more information on Laroussi follow the link – Carp Fishing in France



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