Angling Lines carp website developments

Over the next few months we will be releasing a number of Website improvements, working up to a completely new Website planned for mid 2011.

Here’s the first 2 developments… searchable feedback & photo galleries.

Rather than describe them in detail you can view them here;


Photo Gallery

The idea behind this development is to;

  • Make the pages faster to load
  • Give our customers the ability to search the information better.  For example you can ask to be shown all the fish photos or feedback for June for every year… useful information if you’re thinking of booking in June.


All the developments that lead up to the launch of the new Website in 2011 will have one simple aim… to make the site easier for you to use in finding out as much information about a venue as you wish.  As carp anglers ourselves we know that the more information you can get before you choose, and then ultimately fish, a venue the more confident you feel.


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