Another great early season carp session at Lillypool

Carp fishing in France at Lillypool

Little Bailiff’s prize!

Following my recent success on the 6th of March fishing on the baited spots I decided to make the effort at the weekend.  It’s now the 13th March and with the bait still going in on the same spots it was obvious the fish were still on the feed  The weather was still warm although rain was forecast.

French mirror carp

Jay’s first mirror

One rod went to the reeds, the other to the back of the island and finally the longer chuck to a reed bed on the no fishing bank.

First rod out was to the island.  I put the rod down on the buzzer, clipped up and picked up the second rod… and yes i did forget to turn my buzzer on.  As I was baiting up my second rod I was surprised to hear my baitrunner going and the island rod bent round.

I dropped the bait and hit into what seemed to be a very good fish.  After what was an epic battle, finally, arms aching, little bailiff (AKA Eloise) slipped the net under the hard fighting fis.  It was 27.8lb… not a monster but what fight!




Carping in France

Jay’s last fish of the session

It wasn`t to be long before little bailiff was to join in on the action and  set a new junior record with only her second ever carp… a lovely fish of 22.8lb.  Just look how chuffed she was!

Rods back out and time for more!  Next one was to be off the reeds on the no fishing bank.  After another good scrap a stunning mirror of 24lb was in the net.

Finally with dusk fast approaching there was time for one more fish.  This time a fish of 26.8lb taken from the back of the island again.

What a result for only 6½ hours fishing!



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