April Review from Bletiere

Having now seen the back of a very wet and cold April I thought I would just have a quick look at the catch reports. Despite some awful weather where some of the anglers did not even fish but sat in the gite in the dry, we have had a pretty good month.

It seems to have been a good winter at most lakes for the carp putting on weight and here as always I fed the fish heavily during the winter and I can now see this paying of with some big fish coming out and in very good condition.

The number of thirties that are coming out is really good and a lot of fish just nudging the forty pound mark so this year should see a lot more forties out.  We have already had (from the end of last year) twelve different forties out.

For April just the fish over twenty pounds the list is;

*  6 x 40’s

*  27 x 30’s

*  31 x 20’s

Not bad catch rates despite the weather doing all it can to make it hard for us.

Looking forward to another good year with the fish steadily putting on weight.

Tight lines,


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