April Weeks From £213 Each, Including Ferries!

April proves time and time again to be one of the best months on the bank. The¬†carp¬†have been unfished for throughout the winter and are certainly on the feed! Here’s some of our best deals for the month, all between ¬£213 – ¬£330 each…

Blue Lake


A lake that got it’s name due to the crystal clear water it holds, Blue Lake is action packed and a lot of fun! Spaced around the 15 acre lake are large flat grassy swims which allow you to bivvy up next to your mate if you wish, making this a great social venue.

£292 each, based on 3 anglers & including Dover-Calais ferry crossings for a van.

Carp Fishing France at Blue Lake

15 acre Blue Lake takes up to 10 anglers


A¬†venue¬†you book exclusively for up to 6 anglers, complete with mobile home accommodation and stuffed full of large, pristine carp.¬†Catches of 60+ fish in the week are common… and 100+ not unknown!

£278 each, based on 6 anglers and including Dover-Calais ferry crossings for a car & a van.

Carp Fishing France at Commons

5 acre Commons, for a maximum of 6 anglers

Castle Lake


Set in the heart of the tranquil French countryside, Castle Lakes is surrounded by woodlands, rolling hills and green fields. The lake’s name derives from¬†the remains of a castle which stands overlooking it. ¬†It was dug by monks in the 12th century, so it’s had plenty of time to mature and nestle into it’s surroundings. You’ll find the carp have had plenty of time to mature too, with plenty of 30’s, 40’s and 50’s to go at.

£322 each, based on 3 anglers & including Dover-Calais ferry crossings for a van.

Carp fishing in France at Castle Lake

42 acre Castle Lake has a maximum of 12 anglers




Jonchery is a¬†stunning 30 acre lake set in the heart of the Champagne region. This lake has a great reputation, stretching back many years, for offering superb carp fishing holidays.¬†The 6 large double swims give you loads of options on where and how to fish – you’ll never be short of water. ¬†Action is usually prolific too thanks to its stock of around 350 big and healthy mirrors and commons, with an excellent head of 40lb+ carp.

£329 each, based on 4 anglers & including 2 cars on Dover-Calais ferry crossings.

Carp Lake In France at Jonchery

Jonchery is 30 acres, with just 6 double swims for up to 12 anglers




When real enthusiasts get to work on a lake it shows. From the carefully maintained banks to the superb anglers lodge, maximum effort and attention to detail have gone into the creation of their dream.   Lillypool was brand new to Angling Lines in 2010 and quickly became a favourite, never failing to impress our guests.  This beautiful 4 acre lake has been meticulously developed by carp anglers to offer the very best of French carp fishing.

£273 each, based on 5 anglers and including ferry crossings for a car & a van.

French carp fishing at Lillypool

4 acre Lillypool is an ideal exclusive venue for up to 5 anglers




We have represented Morganes for many years now and it remains as popular as ever. ¬†The real secret of its appeal lies in the fact that you can fish for quality carp in one lake… but turn round, walk 5m, and you can fish for catfish to well in excess of 100lb in a separate lake. There cannot be many lakes in France that can offer this
Add to this a brand new mobile home installed in 2010 which sits between the two lakes and you can see why it’s so popular.

£302 each, based on 6 anglers and including ferry crossings for a car & a van.

Carp and Catfish Lakes in France at Morgane

Morgane offers two lakes – a carp lake and a specialised catfish lake, taking up to 6 anglers in total



What’s your PB?¬†A 60lb carp, a 100lb sturgeon or perhaps even a 170lb catfish? At Vaumigny all this is possible. ¬†A water that will test your skill, your tackle and your nerve! ¬†It‚Äôs not a runs water and this lake is not for the faint hearted or inexperienced – you’ll be tackling big catfish, sturgeon and carp. Anglers who favour wild and natural lakes will find themselves right at home.

£289 each, based on 3 anglers & including Dover-Calais ferry crossings for a van.

Carp Fishing France at Vaumigny

35 acre Vaumigny can take up to 16 anglers comfortably, with lots of features to fish to




As you drive along the causeway into the centre of the lake it soon becomes obvious that this water is one of the most unusual¬†lakes in France you’ll ever come across because Malvoisine provides the carp angler with something quite unique.

Fishing from a two acre ‚Äúisland,‚ÄĚ fishing lines radiate from the centre giving each guest the maximum angling space from the margins to the far side. ¬†There‚Äôs definitely no competition for water here.¬† It‚Äôs also the most sociable of layouts.¬† Bivvied up together, you can enjoy a relaxing barbeque and a cool glass of the local cider on a warm summer evening, but still experience the best fishing the lake can offer.

£213 each, based on 6 anglers and including ferry crossings for a car & a van.

Lakes in France at Malvoisine

17 acre Malvoisine, with a maximum of 10 anglers fishing from the central island

Brocard Large


Like your lakes big, wild and rewarding? Brocard Large is situated within picturesque woodlands in the Champagne region of France, created and run by the prominent fish farming Bachelier family. The complex consists of 2 lakes, Brocard Large andSmall.

The larger of the two Brocard Lakes is 39 acres, picturesque and abundant with wildlife. It holds a good stock of carp to over 50lb, 15 sizeable catfish and you have the choice of several double swims.

£326 each, based on 2 anglers & including Dover-Calais ferry crossings for a car.

Carp fishing France at Brocard Large

39 acre Brocard Large has 7 double swims for up to 14 anglers

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