Bletiere – Water and Air Temperatures for 2013

I’ve started to put on the forum the water temperatures for Bletiere for this season.  A lot of anglers like to see this as it’s a good guide to what other lakes temps may be over here and also shows when it’s getting near to possible spawning time.

I found a weather site the other day and it had some interesting figures for the last 20 years and below are a few that shows average rainy days and amount of rain for the peak months….

Month               Rainfall (cm)               Rainy days

March                    5.74                                 15

April                      5.68                                 14

May                        6.42                                 15

June                       5.72                                11

July                       6.05                                 10

August                 3.88                                 10

September         5.67                                  11

October               7.0                                   8 15

This is for the Sarthe area and covers the last 20 years so not rocket science but a good indicator to the rainy days and from my experiance not far out.

Tight lines, John

Fishing Holidays at Bletiere



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