Bridge Repairs at Bletiere Carp Lake in France

As I explained on my last Blog I’m luckily enough to have Norman’s digger here at Bletiere for a couple of weeks and not wanting to miss the opportunity I decided that, along with all the other jobs, I would repair one of the rotten bridges.

These are the ones that cross the stream at the back of the lake – you can probably see from the photo that the wood is totally rotten.  It was starting to be unsafe so it has to be repaired.

At 14 foot long the tree trunks that will form the main supports are heavy, so I’ve decided to wait & finish the job when my brother arrives next week.

Bridge repair materialsHere’s the new wood, ready to be put in place.

Although my ever faithful dogs, Daisy and Whisper, were both trying to help (or not as the case may be) I’ve now got two very wet dogs to dry off tonight!

Tight lines, John

Fishing Holidays at Bletiere



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