Buying A Carp Lake In France – 3 Priceless Articles

We’ve featured these articles before on the Blog but we get asked the same question so many times in the office here at Angling Lines –  “How do I go about buying a carp lake in France?” – that we thought it worth repeating where you can find out.

John London, Bletiere‘s owner, put together 3 fantastic articles that take you through the complete process.  They can save you loads of time… & money!

So here they are;

Buying a Carp Lake in France (Part 1)

Buying a Carp Lake in France (Part 2)

Buying a Carp Lake in France (Part 3)

Bletiere french carp lake

John’s venue Bletiere

Find out more about John’s carp lake here – Fishing Holidays


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