Buying Particle Baits in France

Translation to help with particle baits…

Most Angling Lines venues will be happy to prepare particles for you and then have them waiting for you when you arrive, as I do here at Bletiere.  but  if your booked venue doesn’t offer this service then this will help you buy particle baits in the shops over here.

Flocons De Mais

This is flaked maize that doesn’t take much preparation.  Just give it a quick soak  in water to make  it sink (otherwise the ducks will love you!)

Mais casse/Brisure de mais

This is crushed maize that needs little preparation, except may be a quick soak  in water to help it sink.  Sebastian, the owner of Blue Lake, just tips this straight into his lakes – in fact it’s all he feeds his fish on.


This is what I feed my fish on a lot – it’s Wheat and the carp just love it, but this does need some preparation because it needs to be soaked in boiling water for a couple of hours.  A money saving tip is to buy a cheap cool box and fill it just over half full with Ble.  Then fill with boiling water to the top of box (it will absorb a lot of water).  Put the lid on and leave overnight… it’ll be soft by morning.

Bc collant pellets

Baby corn. You will see this in most tackle shops over here and it’s used by the match anglers.  It’s compressed maize pellets that you can use straight from the  bag.. It’s great as a spod bait or for close in with a catapult.

Carp extrude-coul 9

These are pellets and the ones I feed the fish here on and sell to the anglers for feeding.  They are a great pellet, full of goodness and come in various sizes.  That’s what the coul 9 means – they are 9 mm pellets.  So coul 15 will be 15mm and so on.

I have not mentioned things like whole French mais, hemp and other baits that take more preparation.  Although they are readily available over here, the ones above are ones that most lake owners would not be happy for anglers to prepare themselves.

I hope this helps.  These are the foods I give my own fish all winter and they are readily available in France in farm feed shops and tackle shops if you wish to do your own.  But please check that your venue is happy for you to prepare your own and has the facility for you to do this.  I have made a short video showing all the above and it will be on the site in the next couple of weeks.

Tight lines, John

La Bletiere


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    Hi mate have you any addresses for the above mentioned products in France cheers

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