Carp catch record tumbles at Alder

The Alder lake individual catch record of 51 carp tumbled like the autumn leaves last week as Bill Holcombe landed an incredible 80 carp (1652 lbs) in an intense six  days and nights of fishing, that is an average of one fish landed every 1.8 hours – incredible work rate Bill!

The catch distribution shows no particular pattern with the fish coming at all times of the day and night, the median catch was just under 21lbs with the largest 28 lbs and the smallest at 6lbs – a grass carp. (Actually the smallest was 2lb carp but Bill didn’t count that!) . This went against the general pattern where the larger fish tend to be caught from the dam wall and the larger numbers of smaller carp caught in the shallows.

Other anglers fishing towards the shallows landed six thirties the same week.

Bill said that the secret of his success was to feed well :–  “The more I fed – the more I caught ”.

Bill pulled the rods in on Friday night and we treated him to supper – if you can beat Bill’s record we will cook your supper too!



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