Carp fishery management – what do you use for net dips?

Landing netOne of our owners asked me the following question;

We want to have a net dip on site.  Obviously there are many different ways of making up net dips but are you able to let me know of what any of your other venues are using in France?

I sent the question out to all our lake owners & here’s a selection of the responses… I must admit I’ve been surprised at the range of views;


We find the safest way is to provide the net heads and the anglers bring their own handles this eliminates the use of net dips. But if you do need a good disinfectant Malachite Gold is the one to use.


Best way is permanganate de potassium.  Easy, cheap and the most effective.

You put a small amount of powder in a 200l tank and dip what you want for few minutes.

I use it to dip ill fish and have saved several.  It kills mushrooms, bacteria’s, parasites etc.

A very small quantity of powder is needed for hundred litres of water. A kilo will last years.


There is no need for dips !!!

Just make sure all nets are bone dry for 48 hours and there is no need for dips in our experience.


I would be interested to hear the answer as well, as you know we supply the nets at the moment but we got through 6 last year and they are not cheap here. If I could get a good dip then I might think about next year not supplying the nets.


Please advise the enquirer that unless covered, and the ‘dip’ changed each and every month, (in fact in hot weather the change should be as frequent as weekly), the dipping of nets is a total, and may I add, expensive waste of time.

Far better solution is to provide nets, or use a high powered UV tube and expose wet equipment to a brief ‘nuking’ of UV which will kill 99% of harmful bacteria.

Also, exposure to ‘dip’ degrades nets over time and will in time actually destroy them.

The actual ‘dip’ I can name, but it’s a prohibited liquid only available under license and is, I understand VERY expensive to purchase, if it is at all available in France.


Our net dip is going to be a wheelie bin size container of water with half a cup of Jeyes fluid, changed annually.  It’s strong stuff and we are going to insist that all anglers use this when they arrive.


I use a big round green plastic container which is sold everywhere in France for around 20euro. They are around 1m diameter and around 1m  high… perfect for dipping unhooking mats and nets without having to break them down.

I fill this to just below the top and add two mugs full of Jeyes fluid (which I buy in England for around £6), changing every year. I have used this for many years.


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