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Carp fishing venue in FranceAs a follow on article to my post on ‘Making Fishing Videos’, I thought I’d look at the close links there seem to be between Fishing and photography. I know a number of anglers who are accomplished photographers. Nearly all the guys who contribute regularly to the Angling Press are good shooters. You need to illustrate your articles so it is important to get well composed, sharp high quality photos. Photography then, is an integral part of fishing today. We all like to get good trophy shots. So even for anglers who never write, learning to use a camera is an important part of modern angling.

How many times have you been disappointed because you gave your camera to an angler down the bank and he took poor shots? I remember ‘Terry Hearn’ insisting he got one of his mates, whom he had confidence in, to shoot the photos of his fish, even if it meant getting him to come to the water.  Things have become easier with digital as you can see your shots right away… You do still need to check for sharp focus though as this is not always easy to see without zooming in on the screen.

Tony Davies Patrick book coverPhotography in fishing though is not just about fish shots, in fact personally I shoot very few of these unless I have a specific need for a ‘Fish’ shot…ie. An article, web page or blog piece. Or indeed if I’m fortunate enough to land a decent or pretty fish. Many carp anglers are now shooting scenic, landscape & wildlife pictures too. Let’s face it; we often get to fish some stunning places both in the UK and abroad. We are by the water 24/7 which means that gorgeous sunset or misty dawn or that dragonfly or bird on your rods, are just waiting for us to get our cameras out.

There are a number of well known carpers who have turned their hand to photography and have produced some superb images. Tony Davies-Patrick in his book ‘Globetrotters Quest’ has produced some beautifully crafted shots from around the world.

Just recently I was with Pete Castle at a trade show and he showed me his superb ‘Calender’ containing some brilliant close ups of animals, birds and insects as well as some excellent atmospheric pictures that sum up what carp fishing is all about.

Matt Hayes has given over a large part of his website to landscape photographs using different techniques to get some stunning shots. I was particularly impressed with the use of infrared techniques and the use of Photoshop to colour grade the images. Check out the Galleries on his ‘Hook, Line & Sinker Blog’

As a photographer by profession for over 17 years I can understand the enthusiasm and the desire to record the scenes we are fortunate to witness as we spend time chasing our favourite quarry. Some photos just have to be taken! So next time you are out on the bank and you see this unrepeatable photo opportunity go for your camera and start shooting…


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