Carp Fishing in France – Travel Requirements

Currently there are a number of restrictions that affect travelling to France for a carp fishing holiday.

Below we will explain the amber travel requirements that the UK have currently imposed on France but also the new French policy only allowing fully vaccinated people to travel for tourism purposes from the 9th June onwards.

Before we go any further, please note that this article was last updated on the 4th June 2021 and the information is only current to this date.

You should check directly both the UK and French government pages for the most up to date and official information:

UK Gov (re-entering UK) –

French Gov (entering France) –

French Restrictions – entry only allowed from UK for tourism for fully vaccinated people

France have announced that from the 9th June they will allow fully vaccinated (i.e both vaccinations completed at least 2 weeks before travel) people from the UK to enter France for tourism purposes and without an isolation period once in France.

Anyone that is not fully vaccinated is unable to travel to France currently for tourism purposes (including fishing holidays) and must have an essential reason for travel instead.

We do not yet know a review date for this policy.

UK Restrictions – France currently graded as an amber country

On Friday 7th May the UK government announced that France would be placed on the amber list for international travel. This will be reviewed on the 28th June, when France could become a green country which means no quarantine upon return.

Falling infection rates and a rapid vaccine roll-out gives us real confidence that France will become a green country.

It is perfectly legal if you wanted to travel to France during its amber status (as long as you are fully vaccinated, as per the French requirement above), although the government are discouraging holiday travel.

Secretary of State for Transport, Grant Shapps, stated on the 20th May that ‘…traveller’s should use common sense when considering overseas trips’.

We have compiled (to the best of our understanding) the steps you would need to take if you wished to travel, however please check the requirements yourself too because it is an evolving situation.


The cost of testing is dropping by the day as more competition opens up in this new market. We have quoted prices & links to approved testers but please check around yourself as you may well find better deals. Every time we check back there seems to be more providers and the costs have dropped.

Entry into France;

After June 9th you need both;

·  Proof you have received both vaccinations at least 2 weeks before you travel (the UK’s NHS App, which is free to download, can be used to show proof of vaccinations.)

· Proof of a negative antigen test

Entry back into the UK;

You can find the official government page here. This is our interpretation of the requirements (but please be sure you study the information yourself too);

1. You must have proof of a negative test to travel to England. You must take the test in the 3 days before your return journey. 

  • You can take a PCR or Lateral Flow test in France.  All of our lakes will establish how to get you this test nearby – they will definitely help you through the process. Cost is around £30. *Update 18.5.21 – there are strong indications from the French government that this test will soon be provided free for tourists, to encourage the restart of tourism in the country.
  • Qured (in the UK) offer a service for £39 – it is a lateral flow test sent to you in the post prior to your holiday, you take it to France with you and within 72 hours of returning to the UK, you take the test supervised by a video call with one of their team.

2. You must complete a passenger locator form before you travel to England.

3. On arrival back in the UK you must quarantine at home for 10 days, taking a PCR test on day 2 & day 8

*Note* You can opt to take an additional PCR test on day 5 & if this is negative you can be released from quarantine.

There are numerous companies that offer testing – here’s a comparison website;

Some make it easy for you by offering complete packages. For example  “Testing for All”  offers a complete package for the tests you’ll need to take during quarantine back in the UK on day 2 & day 8 for £99. You take these tests at home & post the results back. This price includes postage etc. 

They also offer the PCR test you could take on day 5 for early quarantine release for £89

If you’d prefer to use a high street shop Boots offer the same test for £99.

But these are just two of many providers – here’s a list that British Airways recommend;






Travel Insurance

It is also important to note that now more than ever you should have travel insurance, whether you have an annual policy or one-trip cover. Companies like StaySure appear to be offering cover for covid related issues and travel to non-FCO advised countries as standard.

Hope this helps. Both ourselves and the lakes will do everything we can to help you through the process if you do decide you wish to go.


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